Welcome to the SALSUS 2018 information page. SALSUS is the Scottish Government’s main source of information on alcohol, drug and tobacco use among Scotland’s young people and has been running since 1982. It is vital to the Scottish Government, with data from the survey acting as the official measures of progress towards targets for reducing smoking and drug use, and to monitor their priority of addressing harmful drinking. Ipsos MORI have run the last four waves of SALSUS, and the Scottish Government has commissioned Ipsos MORI to undertake the latest wave in the autumn of this year.

This wave of the survey will involve collecting data from a representative sample of over 33,000 pupils across Scotland, to provide both national and local-level data. Schools will be asked to complete the survey online, but will be given a paper option if required.

All participating pupils will complete the survey in a mixed-ability class such as Personal and Social Education, under exam conditions. The survey takes one period to complete.


All responses are completely confidential: neither individual schools nor pupils will be identified in the reporting of the data. Completed questionnaires will be kept in the strictest confidence and stored securely, and will be used for this research project only. Only the survey research team at Ipsos MORI will have access to individual responses.


For more information please contact Lucy Setterfield on 0131 226 8677 or salsus2018@ipsos.com in the first instance.