Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have some questions about the survey. Please read the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to understand more.

Background to the survey

Participation in the Survey

Background to the survey

What is this survey about?

SALSUS is the Scottish Government’s main source of information on alcohol, drug and tobacco use among Scotland’s young people and has been running since 1982. It is vital to the Scottish Government, with data from the survey acting as the official measures of progress towards targets for reducing smoking and drug use, and to monitor their priority of addressing harmful drinking. The Scottish Government has commissioned Ipsos MORI to undertake the latest wave of SALSUS in the autumn of this year.

Who is doing the survey?

Ipsos MORI Scotland have been contracted to do the survey, on behalf of the Scottish Government.

What does the survey cover?

The survey covers young people’s attitudes to smoking, drinking and drug use as well as a number of other aspects of their life such as what they do in their spare time and what they think about school.

Are the findings published?

Yes. The findings will be published in a series of reports and summaries that will be available on the Scottish Government’s website. Publications from the previous waves of the research are available here. This year there will also be local authority level reports and interactive web tables with local and national level results.

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Participation in the Survey

Is it voluntary?

Yes. It is complete voluntary to complete the survey and pupils do not have to answer any questions that they do not want to. It is also fine to start to complete the survey but then change your mind. However, we are keen that as many pupils as possible take part so that the results are representative of everyone in Scotland, not just certain groups of people.

What does the survey involve?

Pupils who take part in this survey will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire during class time – it should take around 30 minutes.

What happens to the information I give?

It will be combined with the information from all the other combined surveys completed, to create statistics about young people in Scotland. These will be used in lots of ways by local councils, the Scottish Government and other agencies (e.g. charities, in academic research etc). It will be anonymous (i.e. no-one will be able to identify you from your answers) and will remain confidential.

Is it confidential?

The survey is confidential. Your information is handled in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics procedures and GDPR guidelines.

The same standards of protection are applied to your information at all times. Data will only ever be used to produce statistics that will not identify you.

This research will comply with the MRS code of conduct.